The Simple, Cost Effective Way to More Space and Freedom

Need more living space? Another spare room? Or maybe your own work office - tucked conveniently away from the chaos of the family home?
Before you decide to move to a bigger house, or undertake a costly extension project - choose the easier option. Rent a modern portable cabin with Rooms 2 Go today!

Practical Cabins Designed For a Range of Different Purposes

Starting from only $65 per week you can have one of our cabins delivered to your property - ready to serve whatever purpose you need. Whether it’s simply an additional room for your house, or a private workplace away from distractions - our cabins are the easy and convenient solution!

A portable cabin is perfect for:

  • Spare room / sleep out - Offer your guests more than just the couch! Our cabins make the perfect spare room, or an ideal sleep out for teenagers!
  • Work / office space - Need a private space to be more productive and get more work done? Transform your cabin into the perfect office space!
  • Storage space - We could all use some more storage space. Give yourself that extra room to store those important items.

Fully Insulated

Internal & External Lights

Carpet & Curtains

Lockable Ranchslider

2 double power points

Included In Your Cabin:

Functional spaces complete with comfortable Interiors perfect for any season!

  • Full insulation - perfect for warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.
  • Upholstered with 100% wool carpets.
  • Quality curtains.
  • Interior and exterior lights.
  • Two double power points.

How Renting a Cabin From us Benefits YOU

Not only does renting a cabin give you the extra space and freedom, it also saves you from costly expenses which I’m sure you don’t need right now.

With that in mind, here’s how renting a cabin from us, benefits you:

  • Extra space for your convenience - An instant room delivered to your property, to suit your needs right now, when you need it!
  • Less short term cost - Compared to moving house, or extending your current home - you’re saving yourself thousands of dollars hiring a cabin instead.
  • More time / less stress - Even if you are planning to eventually move or build an extension - our cabins can still give you the extra time and space in the meantime.
  • Less Hassle - Maybe you need more space, but you don’t really want to move or extend? Save yourself from having to leave the family home - bring the space to you!

Need a room? Call us today to have a quick chat about your cabin needs.

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