1Will your room fit on my site?
Access needs to be at least 2.7 wide and we need a height clearance of 3.0 meters to clear trees and house surfeits. We also need 3.5 *5 meters of reasonably level ground to site room.
2Can I pick up and site rooms myself?
No, we have specialist equipment to site the rooms.
3Do I have to pay a refundable deposit, and a delivery fee?
Yes there is a refundable deposit which depends on room size. Please contact us re the delivery fee as the amount differs on cabin size and distance from our yard
4What electrical services and fittings does your room have?
All rooms come with a 12m power lead that plugs in to either a standard 3 pin plug, or it can be plugged into a caravan plug. Also, each room has two double power points, interior and exterior lights. We also provide discreet access for sky TV, Ethernet cable, or telephone line, rather than having cable thru windows and doors which presents a security issue. Also all rooms are delivered with a current Electrical Warrant Of Fitness
5What furnishings are in room?
All rooms have carpets and curtains.
6Do I need a council consent?
No our rooms are portable structures that do not have cooking or sanitary facilities so a permitis usually not required. However, if you are unsure please contact your local council for clarification
7Do I need steps to get into room?
No. When siting room we lower it on to ground on to its chassis so steps are not necessary. Having it on ground provides stability room does not shake as you move around inside.
8Do you have a minimum rental period?
Yes, you need to rent for at least 6 months.
9What do I do when I have finished using my room?
You need to give us three weeks’ notice, after which we will collect room.
10Is there a collection fee?
No, this is included in delivery fee.
11How do I order a cabin?
Please contact us by phone or text (0274582904) or landline (078473172) or email info@rooms2go.co.nz

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